With apologies to one of the all time great poets – William Henry Davies- for taking inspiration from one of his master pieces-his poem ‘Leisure’:

What is this life if, full of scare,

We have no time to sleep and snore.

No time to take a nap to beat the heat,

And snore as loud as the drum beat.

No time to sleep during working hours,

Where we can be envy of many others.

No time to dream in broad daylight,

Fantasies, that fascinate us at night.

No time to turn and toss in bed at will,

And have the freedom to keep the thoughts still.

No need to wait till darkness sets in to,

Enjoy the siesta with no office to go to.

A poor life this if, full of scare,

We have no time to sleep and snore.


Broadcasting today

With the proliferation of Smart phones, the concept of broadcasting will undergo a change. Now the broadcasting will be to a group of mobile phones instead of Radio or TV sets.The broadcasting station is located, again, in the mobile device itself. With applications such a whatsup, this is already happening. Different groups are sending information to the particular group.They are able to share text and photos and videos. As of today this appears to be fastest way of communicating among the selected group members.